Our Story

Companion Candles was created out of a love for animals and a frustration with the candle industry. We were disturbed to find out that most candles are made with petroleum, paraffins, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. Not only are these ingredients toxic when burned, they're also terrible for the environment. So we set out to create a line of candles that are not only safe for you and your pets, but also give back. For every clean, cruelty-free candle purchased, we donate $1 to animal rescue organizations across the country. We believe that small gestures can make a big difference, and hope that our candles bring light into your life as well as others'.
    All candles are made in small batches with a pesticide free coconut-soy blend wax and the highest quality fragrances available. Our scents are inspired by the delicate moments with our favorite companion by our side. We invite and welcome you to the journey that is Companion Candles. We are so happy you are here.
    Why Companion Candles?
    Quarantine, right? When COVID hit and our founder, Loren, was spending 99.9% of her days in her small, city apartment with her dog (Mylo), she began to question what was really in the candles she was constantly burning and inhaling. While they may be "safe" for her, what about Mylo, who was breathing the same air she was? After doing much research, Loren couldn't find any candles in market that she felt were truly non-toxic to animals. Thus, Companion Candles was born.
    Why coconut-soy blend wax? Why paraffin and phthalate free?
    On top of being non-toxic, the coconut-soy wax sourced for our candles is made from pesticide free coconuts. We have found that coconut wax offers the best quality and longest burn. Many candles are made with some not-so-fab ingredients including phthalates and paraffin wax (derived from petroleum), along with other harmful chemicals and toxins. We don't want to be inhaling it, and hope you don't either! We source from the highest quality fragrance oil companies in the world. With decades of experience, their teams are certified by the International Fragrance Association to ensure compliance quality standards.
    What type of wick is used?
    We use eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA.
    Why donate a portion of proceeds?
    We envision a world where giving back is built into every business model.
    I want to help out! How can I?
    We love to hear from our customers and are always looking for feedback! Feel free to reach out to us at info@companioncandles.com (we promise there's a real human on the other end of that email!)